Stacey Joyce is a registered psychologist with a Master of Psychology from the University of Melbourne. Stacey provides evidence-based psychological services for children, teens and adults. With more than 15 years working in private practice, independent, and public schools and in early childhood, Stacey is experienced at supporting a range of issues across all agess.

For children

Stacey supports children with autism, developmental delay, behaviour challenges, learning difficulties, anxiety, worry, sadness, depression, and social skills development.

She is down to earth, fun, and truly enjoys helping young people achieve their very best in life, and feel happy to be them.

She can provide support in the clinic, at home, at preschool or school, and works with educators and other health professionals for the best possible outcomes.

She provides behaviour support plans for parents, schools, preschools and childcare settings and works closely with children, parents and staff to achieve positive outcomes.

Stacey conducts Autism assessments for children and adults, and for school and preschool funding.

For teens and young adults

Stacey offers strategies to help all teens and young adults cope better with stresses, and identify and manage symptoms of anxiety and depression.

She also provides specialist support to teens with autism or Aspergers.

Psychology and counselling for adults

Stacey provides counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (mindfulness therapy) for adults.

She provides counselling to support people to manage the ups and downs in life, and helps them move forward, feel better and achieve their goals.

She can provide parenting strategies to help with sleep, eating and tantrums (from children and parents!!) to help make parenthood more relaxed.

She also provides specialist support for adults with autism, to help them manage the 'neurotypical' world, in a way that helps them value their unique selves.

NDIS Services

Stacey can provide services for clients with self-managed plans under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

This includes Early Childhood Early Intervention Services:Specialised individual therapy for early childhood

  • Specialist Behavioural Intervention Support
  • Behaviour Management Plan, and Training in Behaviour Management for carers and others
  • Individual counselling
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